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PESQ stands for 'Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality' and is an enhanced perceptual quality measurement for voice quality in telecommunications. PESQ was specifically developed to be applicable to end-to-end voice quality testing under real network conditions, like VoIP, POTS, ISDN, GSM etc.

At the meeting of ITU-T Study Group 12 in February 2001, PESQ was officially approved as new ITU-T recommendation P.862, and is meant to be the successor of ITU-T P.861/PSQM. PESQ was developed by KPN Research, the Netherlands and British Telecommunications (BT), by combining the two advanced speech quality measures PSQM+ and PAMS.

www.pesq.org is a joint project of:
OPTICOM GmbH, Germany, who have been co-developing and commercially introducing perceptual audio quality measurement technology such as PSQM, PSQM+, PEAQ, and now PESQ;
Psytechnics Limited, UK, who co-authored PESQ while part of BT;
KPN Research, now TNO Telecom, the Netherlands, the inventor of PSQM, PSQM+ and co-author of PEAQ and PESQ; and
British Telecommunications (BT), UK, who introduced PAMS.
www.pesq.org will report on licensing, list available products incorporating PESQ technology, and give plenty of information related to PESQ and its applications. This site is under construction. Last updated 21.04.2005. Please be sure to bookmark this site and check back regularily for further updates. Thank you.

Copyright Disclaimer and PESQ Licensing contacts

The Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) algorithm and the copyright therein is the property of British Telecommunications plc and Royal KPN NV, and is protected by UK, US and other patents. Permission is granted to use PESQ for the purpose of evaluation in connection with the establishment of ITU-T recommendation P.862. Any other use or application of the PESQ Software and/or the PESQ Algorithm will require a PESQ License Agreement, which may be obtained from either OPTICOM GmbH or PsyTechnics Limited:

OPTICOM Psytechnics
OPTICOM Dipl.-Ing. M. Keyhl GmbH
Stintzingstrasse 24
D-91052 Erlangen, GERMANY

Phone: +49 9131 53020-0
Fax: +49 9131 53020-20

E-mail: info@opticom.de   
PsyTechnics Limited
Fraser House, 23 Museum Street, 
Ipswich IP1 1HN, England

Phone: +44 1473 261 800
Fax: +44 1473 261 880

E-mail: info@psytechnics.com 

Each company offers OEM License Agreements, which combine OEM implementations of the PESQ Algorithm together with a PESQ Patent Licence Agreement as well as PESQ Patent-only Licence Agreements. 

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