POLQA Coalition

About the POLQA Coalition

The POLQA coalition formed by OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO is the outcome of the competitive standardization process run by the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union - Telecoms). An expert group within ITU-T spent more than four years evaluating various candidate algorithms to find a suitable successor to older standards. The candidate models submitted for testing by OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO were the only algorithms that clearly met the criteria in the ITU-T selection phase in June 2010, and OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO have agreed to combine their expertise into a joint solution.



OPTICOM GmbH is the leading vendor for Voice, Audio and Video quality measurement technology and OEM products for the analysis of Mobile and IP-based networks. Since its foundation as a spin-off from Fraunhofer’s MP3 development team, the pioneers in perceptual quality testing have continuously been providing International world-class standards for audiovisual quality evaluation, including PESQ, PEAQ and PEVQ, and now also source POLQA.

For 15 years, the Perceptual Quality Experts from Germany have been striving to evangelize a growing community of soft- and hardware developers, network operators and quality assurance people, how to properly assess digital networks, carrying Voice, high-quality Audio and Video. OPTICOM’s proven track record includes more than one hundred OEM licensees today, including the Who’s Who of the T&M and the Telecom's industry.


About SwissQual

SwissQual AG is one of the largest independent suppliers of specialist equipment for wireless network service quality benchmarking and optimization, and is widely recognized as an expert contributor in the field of perceptual speech and video quality assessment. Founded in 2000 and based in Solothurn, Switzerland, SwissQual was also the first independent company to provide drive test results for the world’s first commercial 4G/LTE network and today serves more than 160 customers - including AT&T, Orange, Vodafone and Telefónica - in over 70 countries worldwide.


About TNO

TNO is a prominent, independent knowledge company whose expertise and research contributes significantly to the competitiveness of businesses and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of life as a whole. Versatility and capacity to integrate this knowledge makes TNO unique. TNO employs some 4300 professionals. TNO operates in five core areas: TNO Quality of Life, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, TNO Science and Industry, TNO Built Environment and Geosciences and TNO Information and Communication Technology. The department of Information and Communication Technology was formed by the integration of the ICT research activities of KPN (The major Dutch Telecom operator) and TNO, combining 20 years of experience in perceptual modelling (e.g. ITU-T P.861 PSQM, ITU-R BS.1387 PEAQ, ITU-T P.862 PESQ) with 30 years of experience in speech intelligibility measurement (e.g. IEC 60268-16 STI).